Liz was born on 7th September, 1961, in Brighton, England. She and her mother lived in Worthing for the next couple of years, followed by a move to Bexhill-on-Sea where they lived until Liz was 10 years old. They lived with two elderly sisters, Kathleen and Louie Leigh, who ran a small private school. You can read more on this on Liz’s school biography page.

In 1971, they moved to a small flat in Battle. This was in a newly-built block containing just 4 flats – two up, and two down. It was close to Claverham Secondary Modern School, but Liz attended St. Mary’s Anglican Convent School in Hastings from the ages of 7 to 16 instead. Battle is a small rural town, with an abbey commemorating the famous Battle of Hastings (hence the name). The abbey is now a girl’s school and Liz’s mother was a matron there for a short while. There was a footpath through fields from their flat to the center of town, a distance of a few miles, and many nearby woods which Liz explored and got to know very well.

From the ages of 16 to 18, Liz attended Kelly College in Tavistock, Devon as a boarding pupil. After A-Levels, she worked for the summer at Newberry Fruits Jam Factory in Hastings and earned enough money to buy a small portable black-and-white television set. After the summer, she moved straight on to Bath University. In 1983, she graduated from Bath University with a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering with French, and went to work for Austin Rover, soon to be renamed the Rover Group.


This necessitated a move to the Midlands, where she lived (in Selly Park, Uttoxeter and Southam) until 1994. In 1988, she was seconded by Rover to Warwick University , where she gained a part-time MSc. in Engineering. She left Rover in 1994 when they were bought by BMW, and moved to the U.S.A., where she worked for various companies as detailed in her career biography.
She initially lived in Pasadena, CA but moved to a larger house in Covina, CA when her three dogs joined her in late 1994.

She became engaged to Kynn, and they were married in July 1995 (see Liz’s marriage biography page). Just after their marriage, they started Idyll Mountain Internet, a web site design and hosting company where Liz currently works as Chief Operating Officer.

In 1998, they moved to an even larger house in Corona, CA to provide room for a new puppy. Although the new puppy did not ultimately work out, having to be returned to her breeder soon after her first birthday, the other dogs enjoyed the freedom of the large back yard. Kynn’s career as a web accessiblity expert was taking off rapidly, and in November 2000 they decided to make the leap into home ownership and bought their first house together in Lake Elsinore, CA. See Liz’s House Photos page for pictures of their house.