Basically, a reel is a mechanical device that allows us to wrap the fishing line by means of a handle, avoiding entanglements of the thread and facilitating comfort to the fisherman.

Depending on the fishing style the reel is used because we cannot use a baitcast reel for a spinning rod, or a spinning reel for a fly fishing rod because they are completely different styles and each element is designed to be coupled with the another so that it guarantees a correct and exact operation. This is why there are different types of fishing reels each has its physical difference with respect to the others and are handled in different ways, they all fulfill the same function but each fisherman chooses the fishing style with which he most identifies himself or simply with which he feels most comfortable.

Fishing reels are undoubtedly one of the most important materials when it comes to practicing sport fishing, there are many technological evolutions that have suffered these items to fish, up to the models of reels of today, which they offer us great benefits, from the powerful electric reels to the colorful competition reels for surfcasting or the innovative spinning reels, small but with great strength.

We show you the top 5 best saltwater fishing reels you should consider.

  • Okuma


Okuma fishing reels stand out for their strength and high manufacturing quality; they are widely sought after by freshwater and saltwater fishermen. This brand stands out for innovating and developing equipment with high-tech materials such as carbon fiber C-40X that offers better performance and greater longevity to each of its equipment.

  • Daiwa


The Daiwa fishing reels stand out in the sea. Some fishermen consider that Daiwa produces the best fishing reels for the sea today. While others consider that they offer the best resistance/lightness relation.

  • Shimano


For many, it is known that Shimano quality weighs in everything that has to do with fishing equipment. Shimano stands out for innovating and developing technologies that guarantee the best performance in any fishing and species situation.

The best fishermen in the world will surely tell you that Shimano is always among the first.

  • Penn


Strongly recognized for their fishing reels for the sea, Penn also stands out for having good fishing poles resistant to wear and powerful lunges.

  • Shakespeare


Shakespeare is noted for his famous “Shakespeare Ugly Stik”. This fishing reels despite being cheap fishing reels have become the company’s badge, due to its wide quality/price ratio. With Shakespeare, you can get accessible reels of good quality.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a reel that maybe later you do not even use it because you did not like it, the best thing is that you buy a cheap but good reel and try it and you will know which is the best one you should choose.

We hope that this information on fishing reels has been useful!